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1. The Explosion

The City of San Bruno suffered a devastating explosion and fire on Thursday, September 9, 2010, at approximately 6:15 PM. A major natural gas pipeline explosion occurred in San Bruno’s Crestmoor Neighborhood and immediately erupted into a major fire that impacted the entire neighborhood. Approximately 600 fire personnel from at least four counties and over 300 law enforcement representatives assisted the San Bruno Police and Fire Departments with fire and traffic control. 
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Eight lives were lost, 38 homes were completely destroyed and 70 homes had major or minor damage as a result of the explosion and fire. A total of 376 homes were evacuated and six days later, residents of 320 homes were able to return. The remaining 56 homes were destroyed, had extensive damage or were inside a police perimeter that encompassed the zone closest to the blast site.

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This map of the Crestmoor neighborhood impacted area outlines the homes evacuated immediately following the explosion and fire. The map identifies 38 homes in blue, which were destroyed, 17 homes in yellow, which received moderate damage and those homes with minor or no damage are shaded in green. The numbers on each parcel represent the property address. 

Everything changed for San Bruno that evening of September 9, 2010. In an instant, San Bruno was thrust into the national spotlight and became known as the place where a horrific explosion happened.  


Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire

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